Monday, July 16

Fishing Manual

Just take a moment to think about the title of this book.. Let aside the ugly ad and the pathetic message they used to market their pathetic product "Marriage is the most important goal in your life".. Let aside the humiliating words used to emphasise the presumed importance of the sorry to call it "book".. Imagine the author writing the book. Imagine his background and his view of women.
What's next? What will be enough for you women to see how society sees you? What more do you need to understand how this society confines you to a humiliating position? What else can make you admit that this is a male society? When your decent dream to have a family is treated in such a way.. When the our image is destorted in such a way.. When a society dares to slap you on the face and label you as a male-fisher.. When you are supposed to put marriage (the marriage that their ugly social rules have created) to be your ultimate goal in life.. Do you have any hope to make this society understand? Do you still believe that it is only your bad luck that you always meet the wrong people? Are you still waiting for the impossible miracle to happen? Please wake up.. It's time to act. It's time for change.. It's time to change yourself. Build yourself and create the life you deserve instead of waiting for others only to crush you in the end. Wake up girls!


د /إياد حرفوش said...

Dear Fantasia,
Glad to see your hot issues again. I agree with you about the ad, the book and the author, it is just a piece of shit like those about "Arabic Medicine" and "Graves Agony".......etc. A cheap writer is hammering on people fears and wishes to sell a cheap meaningless booklet. BUT, can we agree that we have been all seeding the idea of marriage as a DIVINE GOAL in the minds of our kids for ages? then, comes the miserable fact that it became a goal and the person became a tool? and by the way, this is humilating to both male and female, if it claims females to be fishers it frames men as dummy fishes..Right?

by the way, I saw the book ad in the press and it was disgusting to me too. Greetings and welcome back

The Alien said...

Dear Fantasia,

it is a male society that always put this idea into the girls mind, marriage is ur goal and purpose of life. now all the girls dreams and plans r about and till marriage not after it, as if life ends with marriage as all her dreams came true.
i agree with Dr. Iade that it is a humilating idea for both female and male.

keey writing.

Masria said...

هو الجواز حاجة مهمة في حياة أي واحدة لما تلاقي واحد بتحبه بجد .. بس مش الهدف الوحيد في الحياة .. يعني أنا لو ما لقيتش واحد باحبه المفروض إني اروح اموت بقى؟ يعني كده أنا ماليش لازمة في المجتمع؟ لا طبعا
بس في ناس فعلا بتفهم بناتها إن الحاجة الوحيدة اللي ممكن تكونها هى زوجة و أم
أنا ما كنتش متصورة إن الفكرة دي منتشرة أوي .. عشان كده ما كنتش باخدها بجد بس الظاهر إني غلطانة
تحياتي على الموضوع الجامد

Egypt Rose said...

I do miss you
Let me write this in Arabic cause it is an Arabic matter and i hope every lady reads this ....

إن أوضاع المرأة الحالية مقارنة بما كانت عليه في اوئل القرن هي عودة الى الوراء و ردة للمرأة .. فهي نفسها وبارادتها تعود الى عصر الحريم وهذا طبيعي جداً في ظل سيطرة الاتجاهات المحافظة والفكر السلفي وكراهية الثقافة .. ويحملها جميع الذكور مسئولية فساد الشباب و البطالة والفقر وجميع المشاكل ما ظهر منها وما بطن .. ويروا ان المرأة مجرد زينة ومتعة للرجل يتمتع بها وله الحق ان يحفظها في الخزائن ويلفها في اللفائف حتى لا تري النور .. وبذلك تخرج من رحم امها الى قبرها ..
والمرأة غير المتزوجة هي احد اثنين .. إما امراة شاذة .. او امرأة منحرفة!!!!! يا نهار ملون ...

مفيش حاجة اسمها .. مستقبل .. عدم الرغبة في بدأ حياة اسرية .. مش عيزة ترتبط بحد .. شغلها كل حياتها .. مش عيزة تخلف.. مش عيزة تربط نفسها .. لم تصادف حب يحرمها من حريتها .. مثلية .. افتراضات كثيرة يمكن ان تكون في حياة المرأة هي الوحيدة الحرة في تحديدها ..

اجندا حمرا said...

dear fantasia
another strong message u r delivering through this post my dear
it is really an annoying ad so degrading to women and what is much more annoying is that some people will go and search for the book and pay money to see all the **** they r writing
it is the society and how those people were brought up
i wonder in which state of mind the author wrote such a book?he wants success?maybe he is an unknown one and wants to be well known but is this the right way to do so?to degrade women in such way and presenting them in such pathetic image:(

SamSeven said...

Egypt is changing so fast you can feel every change every year. Nothing surprises me anymore, I mean seriously why does it still surprise some of you?

I mean would we have all been gathere here just 5 years ago, talking about this marketing scheme? the porn industry is a male oriented industry based entirely on ...? what woman.

There are those woman who would try to empower themselves and stand and fight and there are those woman who would just attempt to buy the book & protect themselves.

These same two groups could change to opposite thought systems within 3 years in todays Egypt.
How about that?

Fantasia said...

Glad to see you commenting again. Congrats on your new blog, it is amazing. And allow me to agree for once with you. I don't understand why we insist to ask kids the stupid question "Who will you marry?" I always felt it is not only stupid, but inappropriate. It is as if this is the most important thing in life that the kids should look forward to.
But I must disagree again with you, sorry, that such a book is humiliating to both genders. Men are not refered to as fishes, but as the prize (life's prize, the ultimate prize). I don't think this is humiliating at all. If you do see it as such, it's cause you think differently. But the masses who are the target of the author would never think this way.

Fantasia said...

the alien:

You certainly picked the right nickname for yourself. You also find it humiliatiing! I wonder why we never meet you guys in real life? You seem to also pop up in the virtual world only. I'm not implying that you are pretending to be different online, but I really wonder where are you in life?
If only a tiny percent of men believe that it is humiliating to read such a book, we wouldn't have seen this ad at all.

Fantasia said...

I love to read what you have to say, always. You give me hope that the coming generation may be different.
And yup, here you have it. This is how society sees us dear, a bunch of hopeless desperate creatures whose sole aim in life is to mate. I believe according to this, women should have a different definition in the dictionary. They should put us as parasites! What do you think?

Fantasia said...

egypt rose:
The wisdom of cyber space, that's you. You put thing down so beautifully and exactly in context. Wallahi I myself will never give up writing as long as there are women like you.
You are so right. Women are not welcomed as anything other than wives and mothers. They can't be anything else. That's why we as individuals are not respected for who we are, we should derive the respect through a male figure. Long after this retarded view has been changed by many thinkers who faught long to convince society otherwise we are moving backwards and crossing out everything those thinkers have battled for. It is a shame.

Fantasia said...

It is so disgusting. When I think about this author and his intellectual background I go crazy. But when I think about those people who will actually buy his trash I feel depressed. Is there any hope in such people? I strongly doubt it.
That's why the only solution is for us to encourage and inspire one another, without the need for society to change or understand. We are the only ones who can bring a change, we shouldn't wait for it to come from the outside. It's us, women who think differently and who have something different to offer to the world.
Want to read more and more of your inspiring words agenda. Let's light this darkness together.

Fantasia said...

Welcome to my world and thanks for your valuable comment. It is true, Egypt is changing fast, unfortunately to the worse. Women in their present vulnerable position can't play any role in positive change. They prefer to exercise their power in enforcing the status quo. They are the silent masses. They are engry, but they aren't allowed to do anything creative with their anger. Therefore they decideded to add more blackness to the picture.
I belong to the few females, who you can see here and elsewhere. We believe in the light, we believe in positive anger. But we are paying a huge price for it. Not any woman has the luxury to afford for this revolutionary state. In times of darkness only those who decide to carry the light are burnt with it. But it should be done, there should be the few who stand up in the face of this ugliness and darkness. We don't need anybody's support, thanks, or even understanding. We just need them to stop breaking us and squeezing us into exiles. Let us exist under the sun.

The Alien said...

hi fantasia,
happy to c u here again
hope u r fine and will continue writing soon

i do beleive in what i say but life is not easy, most of the time i feel very weak and useless aginest all this, that is why u can't c me.

i am waiting for ur new post
and better make it soon

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid" - Audre Lorde