Monday, August 27

Why I love my period

Unlike what most women feel about their monthly period, I certainly love my period. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing gross. Of course, like all females I hate the cramps, the mood swings, the headache, the bloating and all this. But, the thing is.. we were like two enemies and then we finally became friends.

Let me start from the very beginning. If you're a female you can imagine the horrifying experience of the first time you had your period. So natural, yet ugly. My mom as usual kept in the dark until boom.. I came of age. Surely enough, I was scared. I thought I was injured somehow, and in the place where I was never allowed to examine or even look at. I still can hear all the warnings going through my head "Never ever touch yourself down there," Never ever look down there," "Just wipe yourself quickly clean after you pee, that's all." I thought that the devil lived down there and that he has punched me with his pitchfork on that day.

My mom came back home for the surprise of her life. I hadn't still made it to the 5th grade and I already had my period. She just gave me a sanitary towel. I still remember the brand, "Loulou", the same she used. She showed me how to stick it inside my pants and that's it. She didn't care to give any explanation. What is this? Why? Will it happen again? What am I supposed to do now? Nothing was said. I had to ask: "Mom, what happened?" She looked far away as if she got suddenly absent-minded, and after a long pause she said, "Nothing, it's normal, every girl has it. Don't worry."
Me: Has what? What the hell is this?
Mom: It's called the period. You'll see it every month.
Me: Why does it happen? Where does the blood come from?
Mom: Hey, hey. enough questions. Just keep yourself dry by using these towels I gave you until it ends.
Me: When does it end?
Mom: Two or three days from now.
Me: Why didn't it happen before?
Mom: You were so young. You are still so young, but it means that you now are a woman.
Me (Laughing): Wow! I grew up?
It has always been my wish and my prayer to God to make me grow up fast so that people will treat me like an adult. I thought God made my wish come true. But my mom didn't like me laughing about it.
Mom (interrupting my dreams): What are you laughing about? This is filthy. You are not clean until it ends. You should take care from now on.
Me: Take care of what? Am I not ok?
Mom: No, you're not ok during those days of bleeding. You're sick. You should stay in bed.
Me: But I'm feeling alright.
Mom: Why are you always arguing? Of all the girls of the world God gave me the most troublesome!
Me: Sorry, but I just wanna know. That's all. Take it easy.

This was the last time ever to ask my mom about anything. I learned my lesson. I wondered why she wasn't happy on that day. Unlike my father, who congratualted me and gave me a big hug.

When I got back to school I expected that all the girls had had the same experience. Well, that's what my mom said, right? All girls have it?. But none of them seemed to know what I was asking about. I then came confused and whenever I had my period I got scared and kept checking the back of my skirt several times to see if there are any stains. I must have looked so suspicions back then. I then started having all the negative feelings about growing up. Growing up alone was bad enough, I felt isolated. I couldn't run and play the ball with the other kids during those days. I kept excusing the teachers to be able to go to the restroom during classes. I started having the pain and the headaches that made it difficult for me to concentrate and I got depressed. I hated being a woman and I hated my period for making me a woman. I wanted to return a kid. It was far better. At least I wouldn't walk with those Loulous hanging between my legs. (It was the worst brand ever, it would never stick to its place. Oh, Thank God for the Always Ultra of today.)

Two years after, things were so different. Most of the girls had shared the experience by then. They were all so curious about what has happened to them. It was certainly miserable to have this shock while you're at school, being totally ignorant about it. A few had been enlightened by their mothers before they had the shock, but the majority were in the dark just like me. Most of the mothers were not any better than mine when it came to this issue it seems. I then discovered that it's normal. Still things were wrapped in mystery.

I went to the school library to search for answers. I found my treasure: A book about teenaging. I borrowed the book and kept reading it all day after school. I did nothing else. Read it from cover to cover. I didn't sleep that night. I was so amazed. It's like Pandora's box had suddenly opened in front of me. The book talked about stages of growth, psychological and emotional changes, menstruation, masturbation, sexual identity, everything that I was totally blank about. This is definitely the day in which I really grew up. I left the Disney world and I entered the real world. I discovered that in spite of all the education I was having, all the exams, all the difficult subjects and the high grades I was scoring, all were a zero. I was ignorant. Not only ignorant about the world, but about myself. Never before had I thought about things like how we grow up? (I only knew I am one year older when I blew off my birthday candles) what happens after we grow up? how do people get married? how do they have kids? why do they have kids? what's the aim of life? what are ethics? how can a person be ethical? and many many other things. My mind suddenly exploded with questions. But I kept them all locked into my head, never asked anyone, especially adults. I no more trusted them. I dicovered they were all liars. At that point I didn't care to understand why they were lying, I just knew they were liars. The only good adults were those who wrote facts in books. Books became my dearest friends, they never lied to me. (They are still my best friends now, although I discovered that some of them lie as well.)

I kept reading and reading all the time. I was always afraid that life was too short to read all the books in the world. I wanted to read them all. My hate for school became bitter. I started being aggressive with my teachers. I ignored studying. I felt I was way above all this. I would instead search for books about the topics in the schoolbooks and read them. I truly grew up, fast, super fast. Nothing could stop me. I would look any adult in the eye and feel like an equal. I got the same knowledge that he/she has and keeps as a secret, as if it is dividing them from babies. My self-confidence boomed and I was considered by many to be arrogant (that's why I failed to make new friends, my old friends were the only ones who knew the truth, and I managed to keep them till now.) I grew stubborn, cause my beliefs were based on facts, so I felt I had a solid ground to stand on, and almost nothing could sway me. My parents felt I was impossible. My success kept them from saying any negative comments. If they ever said one, I would stand tall and look them in the eye, saying "What do you want? I'm a perfect daughter. I know my duties well and I am the most successful one among my peers. What more? Do you just want to control me? Do you just want to feel the pleasure that parents get from designing the lives of their children, ultimately ruining them? I'm not a puppet, and never will be." Of course after hearing a 13 year old talk in that way, you freak out. I myself sometimes freaked out. Sometimes I was surprised at my ability to come up with the perfect answers in different situations. I faced people with reality without being rude. (At least I sincerely avoided being rude)

As I grew older, I understood many things. Everything thing for me became a subject for analysis. I was the youngest one to own a computer (at that time) and I was able to use all its applications perfectly. I then insisted to work during the summer. My parents yelled a bit, then they agreed cause I had had everything settled. This made me even more independent and made me more self-confident. All of the limitations that the world set for me kept falling one by one. Being young didn't prevent me from achieving what adults achieve. I could learn, I could understand, I could work and earn my own living. Being a girl didn't stand in the way, I was far better than all the boys (and some of the men) in my family. I didn't stay in bed during my period, even when it was most painful. I didn't do like the girls who act out the fatigue, as if saying out loud "I'm having my period, please take pity on me." I discovered that they were acting out the social picture, while in fact they can be perfectly fine. I took something for the headache and vitamines which kept me going very normally. I learned the benefits of my period and how it can tell me exactly how healthy I am. I sometimes make it work for my own benefit, taking it as an excuse to skip my weight-trainning session at the gym, for example. I loved the idea that my body is working in an organized cycle, that I can monitor its performance. I know when I will be in high spirits and use this extra energy. I know when I'll get depressed and be sure that there's nothing wrong. I know when I'll be easily provoked and prevent it.

Men always refer to our period as a disadvantage, saying that it makes us crazy and sick. They take it as an excuse to prevent us from having certain jobs and holding high positions in our country. This is bullshit! Why don't we ever hear this stupid argument in civilized countries? Why don't they say to their prime minister, "Oh, you're a woman, so you get a period which makes you crazy, then you can't govern us." Why are we the only females who get ashamed of their period? It is only a cultural and social heritage, that has nothing to do with reality. My own period was one of the reasons why I advanced in life. Let yours act in the same way.

Monday, August 20

Men of the World.. Get Lost

In an earlier post I've discussed a book which prophecized the end of the male species. This time, however, I am not discussing the biological failure of males and the need for them to extinct for environmental balance. I'd rather talk about the social side and why societies have deteriorated whenever they were male-dominated.

Far far long ago, societies were all led by the female, that's what anthropology teaches us. A woman was the leader of her tribe, which mainly consisted of her family members and children. This was the early beginning of what later on was to be called "society". A female leader was able to protect her tribe, organize its life, nourish it, and teach it different skills. She would never think about harming anyone from another tribe. She would never think about making men slaves for the women of the tribe. The idea of ownership itself was not there. Resources were out there given by nature for everybody. (Politics would later on define the need for ownership and struggle to be due to the growing number of people as opposed to limited resources, but that's not our issue here.) What I'm talking about is a point in time when women led their society and were successful, but had no greed or control aims.

Now, what happened later was that men would always look at the land of their neighbours, the cattle they had, the crops, the women ..etc. Then they would go and fight with them to get it by force. The idea of ownership then evolved, there came to be the concept of "this is yours and this is mine". In this new world view, and as men were the ones whose job was to steal things to make them their own, including women of other tribes, they decided that they should rule the members of their new communities.

In the old system, a woman definitely knew her children because she was the one who gave birth to them. On the other hand, a man didn't know his possible connection to those children, he would sleep with a woman and move away, nine monthes after she gives birth without understanding that this man played any role in creating them. But in the new system, women had to convince the man that her children are his also, to be able to protect them and provide for them. He now owns everything and he leads the tribe, so the fate of those helpless children lies within his hands. But how can she convince him that those children are his??

A clever woman then came up with the idea of naming her child after his father, and she would go to him and say this is your son, his name is your name, he is yours, you own him. The idea appealed to men of course. This new system now also enables them to own human beings who hold their names and who can help them in their domination plans (fighting, stealing, building new shelters). Men came to see children as an advantage, and would be kind to women who bring them lots of children. They then would own the mother as well, she is the factory of their own kids and noone else can share her. A man has to be sure that he is raising his own blood, so if the mother of his children happens to play around she is kicked out of the tribe and her children would not have his name.
Now what's next?.. accordingly, the idea of pure blood became an obsession and women were confined to their tribes. They will not to go on trips as they used to in the old days. They can't go to explore the land or plant the seeds as they were used to. (By the way, women were the first who discovered the secrets of the soil and planting, they are the ones who invented agriculture.) So, men were given all the jobs that required outside cruising. They would also plant and they would bring the crops home for the women to store them and prepare daily meals. Women stayed home to give birth, feed their babies and their cattle. What an interesting life!

But how successful were men in leading their societies? Well, this system is what we now call the patriarchal society, where men lead and dominate everything, leaving almost no room for anybody else. This full domination came to control women not only physically, but intellectually and psychologically as well.

Patriarchal societies lack lots of human values, like equality, justice, respect for the other, freedom, democracy, beauty, peace, tolerance, and many others. As I've previously discussed in my post "Power, Politics and Gender", men have proved to be control freaks. They would stop at nothing to fill their greed and lust, no matter who they crush in the process. They are drunk with power and they don't care if the whole world would turn into flames as long as they will stay stand on the top of the heap of ruins. They don't believe in evolution and the changes happening around them. They want to freeze everthing around them, as if it is a DVD movie that they can pose on the image of Si Sayed. They want to keep on enjoying all the advantages without ever sharing them with anyone else. They raise their sons to become the same dictators and they raise their daughters to become slaves, so that their cycle of control and oppression will never be broken. They brainwash the women in order to make them believe that they can do nothing better in life than to serve them and their children.
Everywhere you go there are men telling you what you should do. They design the syllabus at schools, they are the priests at church and the sheikhs in mosques, they are the controllers of media, they are the movie producers, they are the song writers, they are the historians, they are blocking every tiny space that would allow you to see the light.
In order for our societies to evolve those men should get lost and allow us some air. They've already done much damage with their blind desire for control. Don't wait for them to throw all of this long history and to break the vicious cycle of their grandfathers out of good wills. THEY WON'T. Like all the dictators, they won't leave their thrones or quit their oppressive ways until they die. The only way to change such a system is a revolution, a revolution that would set things right.

But some naive women are waiting for men to make this revolution for them. Imagine how silly and lazy some women have become!! Have you ever seen a master make a revolution for slaves? When will we wake up? When will take our destiny into our own hands and change this bleak picture? If not for us, let it be our gift to the coming generations who don't deserve to find the world the way we found it. For their sake let's say, "Men of the world, Get Lost!"

Thursday, August 16

A Comment that has lost its way..

I'm sorry to deviate a bit from the goal of Fantasia's World. But I got so intrigued by a number of posts from Samir-Thoughts, that I so much wanted to comment on. Allow me to use this space for once to write my long comment.
Samir was describing a scene that we see often in our daily life, seeking the blessing from the dead religious icons. You can read his post to get a better idea, or you may read along and you'll discover a link between his subject and the message of this blog.

Dear Samir,
I find that our Eastern culture as whole is built on the same basis of seeking blessing and believing in the supernatural. Remember that we live in the land of mythology and religions. It's here that humanity have started its route to civilization, which has to have something side to side with its material (let's say concrete) achievements. This side had to do with the supernatural and it has spread to inspire all the coming civilizations that would follow the same pattern. But we kept our place as the pioneers. It's here that all religions started, and it's here that we are stuck with the supernatural when the whole world had moved forward to the age of science and technology. Revolution after revolution, we kept missing the train of one after the other.. The industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, (in all its phases, starting from astronomy to physics, to biology to genome) the technological revolution, and finally globalization. We failed miserably in them all, that we decided to lock ourselves into the shell of the supernatural and claim ourselves to be the guardians of moral ethics and preserves of the word of God on earth.
Anyone else from other parts of the world that have enjoyed the benefits of those revolutions and have evolved into better civilization, we labeled them as atheists and perverts. Although they worship the same God and follow the same religions, yet they dared do something productive for their world. They are happy, they look after their health, they play sports, and they want to live longer. They want to enjoy the beautiful life they have created through long work, until they reached democracy (nothing is perfect), the fruits of science and technology which made them richer, and research which made them fight diseases. They simply enjoy a higher quality of life, that we, immersed as we are in dictatorship, poverty, ignorance, and diseases, can never have hope of attaining. They have reasons to love life and seek to live longer, while we have our reasons to hate our life and look forward to death.
But we are looking for a hope in death, something that will relieve us from the suffering on earth. Thus we all wish to enter paradise, we want to enjoy the rivers of milk and honey. But we want to enter it from the wrong gates. We failed to do what God ordered us to do. We failed to create our paradise on earth. We misused all the faculties that God gave us, and we disdained his most precious gift, the human brain. We've made thinking and creativity the equivalent of a crime. So, do we have any hope in salvation?
The creators of myth have come up with the keys to the backdoors of paradise. You are to quit enjoying life, in all its simplest forms (Yeah, as if there is anything to enjoy!). You have to focus on fighting the evil ones who want to prolong their lives. You have to wrap your women in black cloth. You have to scare your children of doom and hell. You have to offer your whole life to death, so that when your time comes, you are as pure as a diamond. Then, and then only, can you enter the pearly gates. What about those who can't wait? What about those who want to secure their places fast and enjoy the 73 virgin maidens now. The numerous youth who can't sin or get married, what about them? Well, there is always a shortcut. You can go kill the atheists who don't obey. You can turn yourself into a bomb in the service of God. Go kill the naked tourists on the beaches, go kill the people who work to serve them and entertain them, go kill those who sell them souvenirs to take back home from our holy pure land. Then you'll be there in a snap of a finger. There's always a solution in death. There is always a way to reach paradise. Nobody comes back to tell us which gates he entered. Nobody comes back to tell his story. Nobody comes back to break the spell.
Now, Samir, you may know why people would write on the canvas of the Saints. It's the same reason why people would go to El Sayyeda and Hussein. It's Yehia Haqy's Qandeel Om Hashem. It's Osama Fawzy's Ba7eb E'seema. It's the life we are living in this part of the world.

Monday, August 13

Medusa's Head

She was beauty itself, dazzling all, an imposible prize, the forbidden fruit, a heavenly combination of feminine charms, "the jealous aspiration of many suitors" _ Ovid.
She's a nymph turned into a monster. The scariest image that human imagination have carved through history. She's Medusa.

All of what remained and what we now came to know and see of Medusa is her scary head, screaming an endless horrified scream as the Greek hero Perseus succeeded in cutting it off. Poor thing, she is doomed to be always remembered as such, pathetically ending up on a Versace logo!

How many of us know the tragic story of Medusa? The beautiful nymph, who was the dream of every god and mortal. She would never yield to any show of affection or a generous suitor hoping to lock her up as a precious possession. She loved life, and loved to keep her beauty an eternal inspiration to poets and artists. But one of the male gods decided to put an end to her arrogance. Inside the temple of Athena, while she was praying and thanking the gods for bestowing her with beauty, in came the monster, the sea god Poseidon, and he raped her.

In hatred of herself and the world, Medusa asked the goddess Athena to have pity on her and protect her from men. Her wish was granted. The goddess transformed Medusa's beautiful hair into serpents and made her face so terrible and scary that any man who would dare to look at her will immediately turn into stone. In that way, Medusa chose to forsake her beauty in order to find security and to enjoy the sight of men turning into stone, horrified at the sight of her monstrous face.Still she wasn't left alone. While Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon, King Polydestes of Seriphus sent the hero Perseus on a mission to cut off Medusa's head and bring it back to him. Perseus wasn't as heroic as it would seem. He succeeded in the mission by having a cap which makes him invisible and a pair of winged sandals and a mirrored shield. In that way, he could look at Medusa in the mirror instead of looking directly to her face. No wonder it was a piece of cake, but the myth was turned up-side-down to praise the bravery of the hero who wasn't scared of Medusa, the source of terror for men.

The reason why I told you all this long story is to make you see how any female who dares to challenge male arrogance, even if for the mere sake of self-protection, would not only end tragically, but will have a memory that will serve to make them heroes and make her a devil. Medusa was only the beginning. A memorial to all other women so as not to dare think like her (believing they could overcome men or threaten them), and to all men so that they will never allow any woman to challenge them and cause them fear. She should be uprooted, her head should fly, and her reputation has to suffer. Doesn't it sound familiar?

All those who call for women rights nowadays are given a bad name. The whole concept of feminism has grown notorious all of a sudden! No wonder why when a woman is labelled to be a feminist she is described by the worst adjectives and it doesn't hurt to call her a lesbian in doing so. If you feel proud of your gender and celebrate being a woman, then you are a whore. If you call for emancipation and freedom, then you are devil seeking to doom your society and distory its ethics! Yeah.. "ethics".. hahaha. If you seek for your independence and your right to live your life by your rules, then you are an outcast. If you don't want to wear the veil then you are an athiest. If you want to have a career, then you are a man. If you care about serious issues and want to make a difference in the world then you suffer from a psychological complex.

But if you hate being a woman, if you dispise your body, if you repeat what men say about you, it is a virtue. If you don't have any serious goals or aims in life, it is perfectly ok. If you are a lazy ass, wanna sit at home, do nothing and live your life as a parasite waiting for the man to feed you, then you are most welcomed. If you hate your life and look forward to death in order to find peace, then you are religious. If you're all covered up in black, then you are respectable. If you do nothing creative or constructive, good job, you know you should leave such things to men. If you never had your own opinions or views, then what an excellent thinker you are! If you see your only role in life is to amuse your husband and get children, then you have reached the ultimate wisdom.
What a sick society!

What this society doesn't care to see is that it has turned all of its women and girls ino Medusas.. Silent, undercover Medusas, each seeking shelter and revenge in her own way. But in doing so many of them have become so destructive, that one generation after the other will pay the price. The living corpse wrapped in black will extend her shrouds to wrap it wround everybody's neck. She won't let anyone escape the clutches of her black ropes. The parasitic creature will add up to the poverty of her nation. The idiot who hides behind her lack of personality and talent, will add up to the ignorance and poor culture of her country. The physical factory of sex and breeding will only add the number of miserable creatures in this pathetic society.

However, today's Medusas won't wait for someone to cut off their heads, cause their heads are useless. They live under the cover of blind obedience, while they are only destroying a society that refuses to treat them as full humans. The horror that they pose is not visible to the eyes of men, but is a thousand times more destructive, cause it's turning a whole society into stone.

Patriarchal societies have for long sold the lie that danger lies in the head of a thinking woman. Yet, a true Medusa's head is a woman's empty head. So, next time you see a woman fighting for her independence and freedom, don't freak out. And when you see a girl who embraces life and focuses on her goals, don't make fun. And when you see a girl who aims high or doesn't put marriage as a priority, don't come up with the stupid conclusion that she's got some psychological complex. And when you get ignored by a girl, grow up and don't take it as a personal challenge to bring her on her knees. If you really wanna be a man, compete in a mature and responsible way. Try to be as successful and as focused as a girl is. Yes, imagine! There's nothing wrong in taking after a woman. There's nothing wrong in admitting that a girl is worthy of respect and that there can be things to learn from her. Try to quit the childish ways of "I'm the best and she must come after me". Try to co-live instead of crushing a fellow human in order to prove a false concept. Try to see the beauty of a world where varity means intigration, not where someone has to be better than the other. Try to understand the true facts of life before those hidden Medusas turn this life into hell. Beware!

Wednesday, August 8


I knew I would inevitably reach this topic sooner or later. What made it sooner though, is that I was shocked to notice that prostitution in Egypt is on the rise, as contrary to the current ethical and religious cover the country wears nowaday. Never has been a time that corruption was a matter of daily life, something that you have to live with and take as a fact, as we are witnessing nowadays!
Now, you might have preconceptions about what I'm about to say here. Believe me this is different. The Cairian district of Mohandesseen has been a NO ZONE for me during summer. I simply decided not to hang out there (from July to September), for a number of reasons. But under great pressure from my friends I gave in for once, thinking it may serve as a reminder to stick to my resolution, which I've been sticking to for almost a decade. Anyway, there I was in the middle of all the chaos, noise, ugly sights, and crowdedness. I became so depressed that I was unable to join any conversations and I started looking through the glass front of the coffee shop we chose. I never saw a prostitute at work before. Heard about them, may be seen a few who got the reputation, but never actually witnessed one of them making a business deal. I was so amazed! And I found myself so intrgued that I actually thought about walking out there and talking to them. Like a TV interview, and ask all the questions that movies never attempted to give answers for.
The girl looked like a gathered car from the junk yard! She looked too young for what she's doing. She wore pretty expensive clothes but looked like a total mess in them. Her hair was half blond half brunette. Her make up made her even look messier. You'd say nothing in her fit the other. But she was so self-confident. She would stare the guy in the face and make an eye-contact that I bet was never thought achievable by communication trainers. She stood there as firm and as seriously as a business owner at a meeting. It then occured to me. Well, it's pretty much the same. She owns her body, that's her goods, and she's making a deal for selling it. But the scene looked nothing like what we see in the movies. She didn't exhibit her sexuality, she didn't laugh, she didn't look friendly at all. She was clearly and seriously stating her rules, her conditions, her price. Seems, they got a rough point during their negotiations, but reached an agreement in the end. She was victorious in imposing her conditions, I suppose. She then walked would him, as if they were long term friends. She never looked around. It never occured to her, that maybe someone like me is watching the whole thing. Never thought that there's someone out there who knows about her business deal. Or maybe she didn't care. And that's what I thought to be the case most probably. Why would she care? What did I or anyone else do for her? Did we care enough about how she ended up now, that she would care about us? What if she's labelled a prostitute in today's world where everybody has his/her own way? Why would anybody care about her anyway?

She wasn't the only prostitute I saw that night. I saw a couple of others. But I spent the whole night thinking about this girl. A million questions would run into my mind. At first I was full of pity. I was thinking about what could have been the reasons that drove her down this road. I said she is most probably a victim of poverty, bad life conditions, absence of parents, social negligence, you name it. Yet, as I thought about it more and more, I just said "Hey, she's in good health, she could work and earn a decent living." Yes, even if she never received any education, she can work. She just wouldn't be able to buy the expensive clothes which don't fit her anyway. But she wouldn't have to sleep with strangers. Isn't that enough?

Then another different scenario occured to me: A girl from the countryside, she gets married at the age of 15. Her husband disappears after a while and she's pregnant. She has a baby to take care of besides her family who sold her off to the rich man to solve their own problems. Instead of providing for her, she now has to provide for them and her baby. The man who got her the first groom offers another one on the condition that she gets a piece of the pie. One marriage after another, the girl discovers that she's actually a prostitute and that the man shares her profits. She decides to own her own business. She's now free. She puts the terms. She decides when, where, and for how much. She can dye her hair blonde, she can wear expensive clothes (even if she may look funny in our eyes, she feels happy and satisfied) , she can provide for herself and her baby. She can put him in a private school and pay its fees, he can have a future that is far better than what she had. Who cares if she's a prostitute? Does anybody know her? Even those in the shops who probably know about her business, would they refuse selling their goods to her if she has the price? What if she is the most honourable woman in the world but didn't have the money? Would they welcome her in their shop? Nobody cares. I repeat, NOBODY CARES.

She's free. She owns her body at last. The body that she always hid in shame. The body that received the beatings of her father. The body that was raped by a husband or whatever is the name. The body that everybody disgraces. It's hers at last. Nobody has a say over it, except herself. She chooses when and to whom to give it and for what price. She's no longer a victim. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She got the price for everything. That's what matters.

The real victims are the men who disgrace her by day and pay to sleep with her at night. The real victims are the cockoldmen who think that it is perfectly fine for them to have sexual freedom and refuse to see that it takes two to perform the act. The real victims are those men who go about looking for pleasure everywhere while they lock up their women at home. The real victims are those who live by this girl's money and still call for ethics and veiling women.
Prostitution is a dirty job, but whose hands are clean?

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid" - Audre Lorde