Thursday, May 24

A Must Read

Specially for all those who didn't like what I said about female genetic superiority. I'm talking science here. This book is by Brian Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford. In Adam's Curse he shows how men as species are on their way to extinction, because the Y chromosome which a father passes to his son, is simply a genetic mess, which keeps deteriorating from one generation to the next. The result.. YES, a future without men, but unfortunately not soon. And in his words, not mine, he concludes that "men are biologically unnecessary". He also shows how female species in general are more adaptive and productive to their environments. Some organisms combine both the male and female, while others live half their lives as male and then switch into a female, and these defy extinction more successfully than other species, particularily the male creatures.
As for the future of humanity, Sykes shows how as a result of natural mutations which take place as a part of the evolution cycle, the Y chromosome will grow too weak to inherit. Thus, there will come a generation which will only give birth to the species which survives best, females. But until nature gives us this gift, we girls shouldn't go on repeating words which men have taught us. Yes, life was meant to be a harmony between different sexes, but one of them broke the balance by his crazy desire for domination and destruction (This is also mentioned in chapter 21 of Sykes' book). As a result, he became a burden on natural balance and harmony, and he desrves to loathed by natural forces that he didn't respect in first place.
We can keep writing poems about how life is supposed to be. Please spare me. Bring us back to Earth! How do men actually treat us? Do they consider us as their equals? Do they respect our humanity? Do they believe that we are the same? Come one.. Who are we fooling? We are only fooling ourselves. We live in denial, which consumes years and years of our lives trying to bring a balance that doesn't really exist. That's why, as long as men are the way they are, we can't waste our precious lives in a hopeless attempt to search for the one in a million who is different. Move on, work on yourselves, succeed, believe in you abilities and your independence.
I got this book from Al Shorouk bookshop. You don't have to order it online. I believe you can also find it at the AUC bookstore. Buy it and read it. Get real!


مذكرات امرأة مثلية said...
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مذكرات امرأة مثلية said...

Hi dear
this is the 1st time i see your blog
in fact, i find it very interested especially in our arabic nation becuz over here,subjects that talking about female superiority are forbiden
the book that u chose is really wonderful
i believe also that women have great capacities, as a result they have to trust thier selves and be self confident becuz this is the key to reach a happy life
thank u

حقى اهرتل said...

يامجرى ريق القلم على ورقه م الدفتر
اوعى لكلام خداع قبل الميعاد يفطر
خليه يكمل صوم لحد سبت النور
لو قش هوه ببنت بالتالته هيبصر

The Alien said...

hi fantasiz,

i am not sure about the information u wrote about the Y chromosome that is not going to survive but i think it may happen because already the number of girls is increasing.

a future without men is not the solution
and even it is, it is not going to happen while u r alive, so what will u do girls?
i know what u should do, LIVE UR LIFE
do not depend on men or wait for them to help u or to protect u, get over this

i believe u girls can live alone and independent but this does not mean to reject the idea of love and being in a relation with a guy
i want to know what do u think about this?

have fun

Fantasia said...

Thanks dear for your encouragement. Happy you find this blog useful in any way. I aim to make all girls regain self-confidence that is weakened by their upbringing and by living in this patriarchal society. Wish that all girls will have the power to stand up for themselves.

Fantasia said...

7aky ahartel:
Yeah of course it is your right to say whatever you want. Just don't getit, what's the relation between your comment and the post?

Fantasia said...

the alien:
You asked a question and gave its answer, thanks for that. This is exactly what this blog aims for, to restore female pride and self-confidence.
When it comes to love and relationships, I am not against any natural urges. I just want a girl to enter a relationship with her eyes wide open. She must know how men think and behave to be able to enjoy the relationship, without having to deal with the pain of disappointment, which only causes her to lose her self-confidence. This is unfortunately what all men do when their relationships don't work, they keep piling the blame upon their partner. So a girl leaves a relationship, not only with a broken heart, but with a broken soul as well.
Therefore if a girl falls in love, fine. I say, know your right, set limits, don't allow anyone to change who you are, don't give sacrifices with nothing in return, don't wait for appreciation from outside. She must value herself for who she is, and believe that if she gives up everything for a man she will never earn his respect. On the contrary, he will make use of her and won't hesitate to abandon her whenever he gets the chance.

Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Fantasia,
Thank you for your comments on my blog, I replied to you there.

اجندا حمرا said...

thank u fantasia for the good review of that interesting book
i remember reading about it on a local newspaper and some were against what it said they say it is not yet scientifically proved but isnt this what happens always?when something goes against what people want to hear they start saying it comes from inaccurate sources?
look im not against men im just against insjustice and tellin me i cant do something when im able to do it just because im not a man
i respect men who respect us women and think we r equal to them not just put on this earth to please them
getting married is not bad but at the same time it is not a move we have to do just to go with the flow and with what society embarks upon us
it takes lots of courage to speak our minds specially in the society we lives in when a woman starts to speak her mind and tells what she thinks lots of fingers start pointing at her as if she is an alien or someone against nature as if women should just shut up and not speak their minds
we should accept each other's differences cause in this world even identical twins differ even if they have lots of similarities and to know our common things we should know our differences and understand them
for men to understand us they should start respecting us first respect our choices and if a woman decides she doesnt want to get married they shouldnt keep on hassling about why she decided to do so maybe she is not beautiful maybe she didnt find the right man
maybe she is good looking and she met lots of men and still she doesnt want to get married maybe she is different they should respect that
but most of them dont unfortunately ,first we should learn to accept our differences to be able to respect each other
thank u for the recommendation i will sure search for this interesting book and hey good luck with your very interesting nice blog:-)

Marwa Rakha said...

Hello Fantasia ... great blog and great thoughts .. please keep it up and keep writing .. you have a great mission and one day you will see a difference

Fantasia said...


Your welcome. You have efforts worthy of appreciation going on in your blog. Good luck with your book. Looking forward to reading it soon.

Fantasia said...


Welcome to my world and thanks so much for your comment. We share a lot about how society should change the way it views and deals with women. Spread the word. Encourage all the girls you know to be strong and believe in themselves. Never give up on what you believe is right. It is worth the fight.
Thanks for your words of support and encouragement. Hope you'll find this book a good read. It is full of scientific details, yet it is written in a literary manner which doesn't make it boring at all.

Fantasia said...

Dear Marwa,
Welcome to my blog. I was so happy to read your comment. I am fan of your segment on OTV and admire everything you write on your blogs.
Thanks for your encouragement. I really hope that this blog would be a tiny seed in the path towards a better future. I would love to see any kind of social change during my lifetime. And would also love to hear more from you.

الشيطان يعظ said...

هاي مدونتك جميلة
بس ممكن اقول حاجه ليه كل البوستات انجليزي
ممكن حبه كده
و حبه كده
لشان فيه ناس برضه ضعيفه في الانجليزي
و اتمني الزيارة

Fantasia said...

alshaytan ya3ez:

Thank you so much. I would love to write in Arabic, but I type very slowly and with great difficulty. I promise not to use uncommon vocabulary to make my blog as reader friendly as possible. Been to your blog. So daring and new. Congratualtions.

اجندا حمرا said...

dear fantasia
i admire your personality a lot and i totally support u and that's why i added your blog to my fav blogs
i want everybody visiting me there to check your blog out ,im sure they r all gonna love it
it is interesting,daring and different and things need to be shaked to be changed:-)good luck my dear and thank u for the nice welcome here

Fantasia said...

Dear agenda,
I am very thankful for your support. Never imagined I would meet someone who would support me that much while I'm only taking my first step in blogging. Your words are so uplifting and motivating. I know my endeavour would be met with lots of criticism, but with the kind of understanding and positive assistance you offer I am fully armed and ready to go through this storm.

اجندا حمرا said...

Dear fantasia
u r most welcome always dear
maybe because i have met lots of criticism in my life that's why when i sense someone has a goal and wanna go for it and sometimes when we r surrounded by people who tend to get us down so u can lose your motivation and i dont want this to happen to you
u r still at the very beginning and i wanna seethis blog here forever
sure me and all the others will support u cause u belive in something and i admire people who belive in themselves and have a goal in life so u will find me always supporting u my dear
dont let anyone get u down as long as u belive in yourself ,write whatever comes into your mind ,remember we r gonna meet some criticism ,some people will be narrow minded dont allow such type to get u down look at the brighter side of life always ok?and good luck my dear:-)

Egypt Rose said...

Hi, thank you for the wonderful site, I do really love it, I hope all ladies in Egypt(the love of mine) to read it and change their minds, and to be sure that they are strong and powerful and as William Butler Said(the writer Dr. Bryan Sykes took the name of the book from him) “TO BE BORN WOMEN IS TO KNOW” . BUT you need to read more about Gender (Woman + Man + Society = a good healthy life)

Fantasia said...

Your words of support make my day. Thanks dear. I do intend to make a change, even if a slight one. If this blog only acts as a voice for the voiceless, it will mean a lot to me.

Fantasia said...

egypt rose:
Welcome to Fantasia'a World. Causes me pleasure that you liked it. Thanks for adding your thoughts. I am still in the beginning, so I haven't yet got the chance to show how far I've gone into gender studies. I will never get tired of reading about it, however. Thanks for your advice.

اجندا حمرا said...

dear fantasia
you too dear with what u r saying kinda supports me in my blog and even if it's gonnabe a slight change what we r doi u know everything starts small ,im sure it will help a lot on the long run
most important thing is not to give up even if we didnt see a drastic change so quickly
we should stay ...we shouldnt give up
thankx for your support and the positive message u r delivering through your fantastic blog:-)

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid" - Audre Lorde