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Your Guide to Dating an Egyptian Man

Types of Egyptian Men:

The Pathetic Pretender
All men are pretenders. They usually show a face which hides its total opposite. They can't show their true colors, cause they are too weak to do so. Their inflated egos are another reason why they are never straight. They simply can't take rejection. That's why they would go round and round before they express their interest in you. They just can't handle it if you say Thanks, not interested. They take it as a personal insult. How dare you reject him? That's why they just keep wasting time, and when things don't work, they come up with all the pathetic excuses to ease their ballooned egos! Poor Bastards!

The Lousy Actor
He plays the most horrible romantic roles while his eyes are on the prize. If you are still as naïve as to think that there is really a romantic guy, like those you see in movies, then I'm sorry to break the news. Just as there is no Santa, there is no such a man. I happened to be buying some stationary on Valentine's Day when I met a guy who is so full of himself. He just stepped in and said to the vendor, I want something nice, beautifully wrapped and doesn't exceed 20 EGP! He then moved on to talk to his friend, and whenever the vendor called on him to ask his opinion about an item she holds in her hands, he just waves to her and says Anything, anything. And to complete my amusement, his poor girlfriend called while he stood right in front of me. They seemed to be confirming their Valentine's date, and he just kept pouring words of how he can't wait to meet her and how special she is. Yeah, hell..

The Mentally Retarded
I said all men are pretenders; I don't have to repeat it on every line. Those cavemen who hold the brains of their great great great grandfathers are usually the ones who keep talking about daring subjects and radical thoughts. They will take about women rights and how girls are misunderstood, bla bla bla.. Only so you wake up on the ugly reality: he is mentally sick! He wants to believe that he has his own personality, but he is empty, just parroting stuff that he knows would appeal to a stylish girl. As things develop he will won't stop giving you one cultural shock after another. Black comedy!

The Featherless Peacock
Oh, the guy who fell in love with himself, therefore he has no room for anyone else. He just thinks that he's God's gift to the world. However, you'll shortly find out that this peacock has no feathers. His personality is as lacking as his mind. He might look handsome, be popular, athletic, funny, but with no brain. Just a useless bird which can't even fly!

The Know-it-all
Many of you have seen him. A talking machine about almost every topic that anyone can think of, he will never stop proving that he is Mr. Know-it-all. And therefore he imposes his views, decides for you, criticizes your actions and thoughts, interrupts your conversations, makes fun of your ideas, undermines your success, and would never admit you were right about anything. He constantly feels he is in a competition with you before anybody else. He will do anything to make you live in his shadow, and will give you no chance to speak up your mind. He is scared whenever you show any sign of intellectual freedom or independence, cause he wants to be your one and only reference. He is never sick of giving advice which he takes for granted that you must follow. Ugh, what a pain in the ***!

The Boring Stalker
Most guys will bore you to death after the first few dates. After the talk about themselves is over (which they do persistently and quickly to satisfy their egos) they will just keep talking about anything. Yeah, those who say girls are talkative try to see a man on a date. I bet you to catch a glimpse of the girl talking. The talking won't stop by the end of the date. No, no, it just keeps getting worse. Phone stalking.. Good morning calls, good afternoon calls, good evening calls, good night calls, how do you do calls, did you reach your home calls, what are you doing now calls. Calls, calls, calls.. Endless calls.. And even more calls.. SMSs all day long.. He will keep stalking you all day in this way. He feels that if he leaves you for one hour, you might have time with yourself when you will think and maybe evaluate the relationship. So, he has to distract you all the time. He wants to make your whole day revolve around him, in the hope to make you addicted. Then if there is a day when one of the 1000 calls didn't arrive you will go insane, and that's how he can cut you off the drug as punishment whenever he wants. Who needs this for God's sake?

The Perverted Preacher
The double-faced serpent, who will preach about morals and values while he enjoys himself in the dark.. He is mostly the one looking for a serious relationship. He will use a serious voice tone, talk about religion, about his dream of a happy family, about how disciplined he is. This is a type that is very common nowadays, especially with most girls now being veiled. He thus gains her trust and then demand further things: no male friends, no female friends whom he thinks aren't good enough, no going out without his permission (Yeah, he plays the role of her father), no clothes that are tight, (I even heard an incident which included no internet!) and on goes the list of orders. If she shows to be obedient, he might be generous enough to make her Mrs. Perverted Preacher. This poor girl will only find out about his other life too late.

The Loser
He never attends his classes, never reads a book, never reads a newspaper, never talks about anything of subject, and never intends to do anything serious with his life. He's the dandy cool guy, who throws tomorrow behind his back. He will switch from one girl to another just to pass the time. If a serious girl ever decides to have a relationship with him, he will have absolutely nothing to offer her but disappointment. You can never ask him about the future. The word "plan" doesn't exist in his dictionary. And time is of no value. He just wants to have fun (as opposed to Cindy Lowper's famous song). You will be gloomy if you keep reminding him of his failures. He will never change. And if you marry him, get ready to afford for him and raise him up with your children. He will never grow up and no matter how old he gets, he will continue to be an irresponsible kid. With the number of losers increasing, a lot of recently married couples depend on the wife as the bread earner.

The Thief
Today's thieves won't snatch your purse, they will try to date you instead. It is amazing how many couples I know in which the girl allows herself to be robbed by her boyfriend! She will pay the bills at the cafes, buy cinema tickets, get his mobile recharge cards, lend him cash, buy him clothes, gets him presents … etc. Sorry girls, but your boyfriends are only thieves! To avoid this early enough never date a guy who is socially beneath you in first place. Watch out for any signs of miserly behavior. If he takes you to cheap places, orders the cheapest items on the menu, rings you to call him back, use his work phone to call you during the day and avoids evening calls, makes up excuses for not attending events or buying presents... etc. Never offer to pay a bill in full. Never buy him expensive gifts. Never ever give him your credit card!

A Combination of Two or More of the Previous Types
Thought it was bad enough so far? No, it just keeps getting worse!
As you can see, it is like a cat searching for dinner in a trash can. Whatever she ends up with, is still trash!


Lost Love said...

Dear Fantasia...

First time here..

I like your Blog,,,someone is out there trying to do something to help women..

well for your post here...i met Mr. I know everything and it is OMG

Cant beleive that he can handle himself being this way and some other ladies are just so amazed about what he is saying that's why he kept on talking and talking so i decided just to leave the area or else il really go on a long long discussion with him which im sure it will never end ...

another kind that met personally also..there is this guy almost 72 years old he approched the girl 34 years old and said i will be straight to the point with you i know that you are not married and i like you and im sure that you cant say no to my offer as im rich person and wat say you? yes or no? we are not teenagers need to think im offering you the chance of your lifetime...and even though she said no to his generosity he is chasing her wherever she goes

Thank you for your nice ideas here

اجندا حمرا said...

yeah talking about the pathetic pretender type of men ,i have met lots of such type before so many times
they just cant take rejection in a healthy way.look at a guy when his girl leaves him,he starts to act badly and want to destroy the girl's life and make scandals to her
why he just cant be a good guy and take it easy and stop wasting his time doin such childish acts ,they cant stop this because of their ego:(

yeah the lousy actor oh my god about that story u mentioned
i think lots of guys like this
actors just enjoying to have a girl in their life they can lie to and play a part in a movie maybe their dream was to act so they do it in real life:(

yeah tell me about the black comedy and the mentally retarded ones
people say they r open minded yet when they r faced with a situation to prove they r open minded they show their other ugly face proving that their words were just mere ugly words they didnt mean:(

the one who is so happy with himself ,he thinks he is god's gift on earth for the woman who will be his future partner
he's got the looks ,the money and everything but a brain and sometimes all we need is a brain like someone walking in the desert when he has everything but the only thing he needs is one drop of water:(

i come to realize that when someone says he knows everything that means he knows nothing
i think as long as we alive we cant say we learned everything cause everyday we learn something new

ugh the boring guys lots of them and it just gets on my nerves to be forced to have a boring company
with nothing to say and lote os silence:(

yeah the perverted preacher
actually as u said lots of such type present nowadays with the rise of veiled women and the esdal fashion which becomes more of a fashion than a religious act
the woman who allows a man to lead her and put rules on her life is doin a great harm to herself and the kids she will have with such type of men:(

yeah the loser type as well we find that type a lot those days and i think it is the parents faults they raised such guy in a very wrong way and made him be the way he is nowadays
by always doin everything for him ,thinking for him and choosing everything for him so he grew up depending fully on his parents so when he marries,he knows nothing
has no experience whatsoever so for sure the most realistic conclusion is failure in his marriage

the thief type also we can see nowadays
well i think this particular part has got something different
sometimes it is nice to get the one we love something as a present for example this is ok but when things start to get unhealthy and it feels like he is using her so here she has to stop and follow the things u mentioned
being in a relationship like this is a nerve breaking experience ,living under stress is so heart breaking in the end
i loved your expression at the end of the post fits the post perfectly
thank u for the interesting post fantasia :-)i enjoyed reading it a lot:-)

Shimaa Gamal said...

You said it all. I really like the way you categorized men, though didn't meet all the types but I believe that they follow the pattern you described.
If you have seen one, you have seen them all.
Good work!!

Deeeeeee said...

WOW!! I love the categorization.. so true!:D

Masria said...

اسمحيلي اكتب عربي لأن الانجليزي بتاعي مش قد كده
اول حاجة البلوج بتاعك تحفة,خصوصا اسلوبك في الكتابة عاجبني جدا
أنا كنت ناوية اقولك أنت بتبالغي اوي,بس لما فكرت في الموضوع أنت مش بتبالغي للدرجة دي,خصوصا إني بالصدفة قابلت واحد فيه جزء من الكلام اللي أنت قلتيه,اللي هو فاكر نفسه عارف كل حاجة,و هو بقى اللي هيوريني الصح من الغلط
هما بيبقى فيهم حاجة غلط لازم من اللي انت قلتيهم بس مش دايما بتكون باينه أوي

Fantasia said...

lost love:

Thanks for your nice words and encouragement. I hope this blog will help to inspire as many girls as possible.
Thanks for sharing your personal experience here. Many readers have commented that I might be negative and taking things too far. Thus your story will be valuable in proving that this is not true. I am being honest and realistic. These are examples of men we actually meant in our daily life. I'm not making anything up.
Been to your blog as well. Your writings are packed with emotions and delicate sentiments.

Fantasia said...

Dear agenda,
I can't thank you enough for this comment. You have talked about the true existence of every single type I have mentioned here. This adds a lot to the credibility of this post and this blog as a whole. I am sure every one will enjoy reading your comment and find it eye-opening. Please keep the comments coming :)

Fantasia said...


Thanks dear. I tried not to leave anyone out, but I believe those are the types you meet most. And you are right, dating one man is a bad enough experience.

Fantasia said...

Welcome to fantasia'a world. I am so happy that all the comments I'm receiving on this post so far are about how true it is. Thanks for your encouragement.

Fantasia said...

Sorry for writing in English, I wish I was able to type in Arabic like you. I think as long as we can communicate it doesn't matter which language we use.
Your comment means a lot to me, cause you had the time to really think about the content of this blog, unlike many others who just thought that because my message is different that it was not fair. My aim is to be realistic and not talk about an ideal situation which doesn't and will never exist. I wish that all girls would gain an awareness which will enable them to make better choices. I hope that sharing our experiences will help that cause. So thanks for sharing yours.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

First allow me to thank you for the great post… and the well organized thoughtful categorization of men… it is true… yes it is true

Second will u believe me if I said I met em all … all those types, sometimes more than one characteristic is in one man … but I have seen them all… and suffer from them.. as any one of us grlz

Third :) allow me to comment on your amazing post, I have been inspired and triggered to write something or two, moreover… my comments are based on personal experience.. as I told u:

The pretender
if you women dare to keep rejecting and blocking the great man's pathetic attempts to invade your world, you are probably be condemned as: a bitch, lousy low creature, playing the role of 7'adra el sharifa, sneaky serpent, and maybe slept with at least 10 men before him.

The romantic
There is no such a man unless he wanna get into your pants, your money, your father, or whatever he come up with… believe me… no one was playing romantic unless he wants something from me, and when I block him… hehehe he vaporize away away thank god awayyy

The mentally retarded
"They will take about women rights and how girls are misunderstood" and many other things to sound deep…some of the things they also like to talk about to seem free open minded are: 1) SEX of course, did u think about something else, but it is more to test the girls openness for the next move, 2) how kind and tender he is, we ya ba7'taha ya hanaha the one he will pick, how he is the best to give a shoulder to cry on, and will always be here to depend on... thought he is a lousy asshole once u need him, he is off and have a million thing to occupy him, did u ever believe u r on the top of his interests list… u r at the bottom…ADMIT IT, 3) no female ever understood him ya haram cause he is different, sensitive and loving ... oh god they all say that, walahi walahi, I heard it from almost every male I know…

The Featherless Peacock
No dear fantasia, allow me to disagree with you... he has a brain that keep on putting plans to look good, and believed to be the ultimate good.

The Know-it-all
"He is scared whenever you show any sign of intellectual freedom or independence, cause he wants to be your one and only reference"
Ho dull… in such occasions I listen and smile, and sometimes play the dump, then… heheheheh… blow the surprise in his face.. and show him how smart I am, and how stupid he is… do you know fellow females that we are smarter and able to deal with problems better…

The Boring Stalker
I have noticed that … with a boy friend or a friend or a colleague or any male I know … they are DAMN talkative .. talk about himself, about you if u r still out of his web, about food, about work, about his problems, about his mama, about his sex.. about his women.. about about about …. ABOUT ..uggg

The Perverted Preacher
"The double-faced serpent, who will preach about morals and values while he enjoys himself in the dark"
Typically describe Egyptians today…
-Talk about fornication, while he has at least 3 girl friends.
-Pray while he drinks every night,
-talk about ethics and he is a liar, treacherous, and unfaithful….
He is the god, the merciful, the ultimate hope …. How sick .. and how stupid we are o believe this

The Loser
Most of them don’t read true, but there are some who like to read the headlines so they find something to talk about.

The Thief
I rarely see a guy who do something for a girl, or get her stuff… they usually don’t like to buy presents, but adore it when u get stuff for them which they asked for in advance…

Finally one last thing to say… we r in a time where women became men, in their attitude and sense of responsibility. It is true… yes it is true… I lived that and suffered from that…

There is no such a thing as men, there are MALES… "ps: I got this comment from a man… we shahada shahed men ahleha" lol

The Alien said...

i do not like it when u use all men, let it be most egyption men. ok
i do agree that most men r of these types, and sometimes they join some types together.
also i do know that some girls r of these types too, for example the Thief, i know a man who had a relation with a Thief woman who tryed all the time to take money and gifts from him.

just one type i do not know, The Boring Stalker, is that a man? i do not think so cause that what most girls always do and ask for

good post and great effort, i like it
have fun

Anonymous said...

with that shallow mentality that tends to stereotype and generalize no wonder that you were always dumped by men!

Anonymous said...

with that shallow mentality that tends to stereotype and generalize no wonder that you were always dumped by men!

Eyad Harfoush said...

Dear Fantasia,

Great one despite generalization. I commented with some details about the other side of the coin in my blog, I started with some types, and others will follow

Fantasia said...

Hey, you got some hell of experience with the guys. And you've met all types of men.. Ouch! This must hurt!
Yet, I believe that the bad experiences are educating. So, now that you can write your own catalog of men, it would be almost impossible for any of them to deceive you. I always say that it is when you hit bottom that you really know where you stand.
Your final thoughts reminded me of what Glorian Steinem has said in one of her speeches. She said, "Now, we are becoming the men we wanted to marry." I find this very true.
Thanks for adding this valuable comment, sister.

Fantasia said...

the alien:
At no point did I claim I was making a list of all types of men. You can say those are the 99.9%, ok? satisfied now?
And yes, the boring stalker is definitely a man. And who said all girls were angels?

Fantasia said...

the anon who wrote twice:
Yes, I know it's you. I shouldn't bother to reply to someone who can't find the courage even to use a nickname. But since you couldn't help reading without leaving those two comments, I advise you not to come back.

Fantasia said...

Due to sortage of time I won't be able to read your post now, but I promise to read it soon and write down my thoughts.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

you are right fantasia ... meeting such men gave me the chance to know better about what i am going thru.

it is nice, and funny to see someone trying his best to hide his truth, while yo can read every thought and expect every move.

you know what ... I REALLY ENJOY BEING SINGLE :)

Anonymous said...

If your definition of courage is to leave a nickname in a message on the net (!!), then this adds misjudgement as another characteristic of yours. No wonder again you fall for the wrong guys.

Fantasia said...

Way to go girl! I am gald to see that you could actually turn those experiences into something positive. Being single is such a bless, enjoy it for as long as you can.

Fantasia said...

Oh, you came again! So, you're one of those guys who always likes to come back for a good smack. But sorry, I don't enjoy pleasing masochinists like you. Get lost!

Anonymous said...

A good smack? Where is it? I do not find any, unless you consider "don't come back" or "get lost" a good smack, and it is funny if you think they are!

Now let me first thank you for not deleting my comments as I expected. You seem, so far and after all, a democratic person.

Let me now ask you a question: If it happens that all the guys you knew reflected the categories you mentioned (because I logically assume that to give such an absolute judgement on all men must have come from personal experiences) haven't you ever asked yourself why such losers always came across your ways? or more precisely why only losers got attracted to you?

Fantasia said...

hehehe.. anon, do u wanna date me or anything?

e said...

I enjoyed reading your little "essay" on Egyptian men ... it was quite the comedy I have to say.

While you might be right about many Egyptian men, to generalize and categorize a nation's whole gender borders the lines of ignorance.

Unlike anonymous, I will not get defensive and attack you in person. I will, however, point to the fact that your thoughts fall in line with the typical Egyptian mentality of blaming others for one’s woes rather than self-analyzing.


Fantasia said...

You haven't read other posts. I blame women as much as I do blame men. Judging a whole blog on the basis of a single post, what do you call this?

e said...


Would you mind pointing out where i "judged" the whole blog?

My comment was purely based on the article to which the article was posted.


Fantasia said...

I believe "your thoughts" was general enough.

e said...

Hmmm ... no.

Once again my comments were based purely on the article I read and were posted under the article I read. Even if I was to read your entire blog, I would not commit the critical sin of judging you personally (without really knowing you) based on what side you have decided to show us on your blog.

I still insist that your generalization of Egyptian men was inaccurate and unjust. Moreover, it applies to men in general and not Egyptian men in particular.

Finally, this little "argument" is getting petty ... it's your blog, and I will let you have the last word so that you can feel superior. I just urge you to be more cautious as your satirical comedy might be taken seriously (and to heart) by a younger female reader.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of your possible reaction, I haven't decided (yet) to try to date you! It was just a question.

e said:
Hoenstly speaking I haven't thought for a moment that any girl would take what was written seriously. They might comment AS IF they agree, but they will get ready to forget it the very first moment any good catch appear in their horizons. Generalization? yep,.. too!

Fantasia said...

anon and e:
What a couple you 2 make! So happy you found each other here :)

Anonymous said...

I guess I have to make an exception among those who pretend to agree. It is mostly the lesbians who would take what was written seriously.

Ahmad said...

Dear Fantasia :
So there's no good men at all ?
I'm sure that women ,too, are so like men. There's the thief woman, the pretender,The mentaly retarded ( a title that I disagree with.
There's also The know-it-all woman, which looks very close to u : u r Pretending to know every men characters & classefied them!!:P
But to be honest, I liked ur post very much that I am requesting a permission to post it in my facebook account cuz I wanna read comments FORM MEN, & according to thier comments & reactions I may, if u dunna mind, evaluate ur post.

Adel said...

Well...I like yor treatment, although it is so shocking..i really wonder how u see egyptn girls types?? (i am innocently inquirig wallahi)..

Thank you

Anonymous said...

well i dunno where to start...
maybe i will just start with ( I am a male)..LOL
basically you got all the bad types of men ..
well yea i know nowadays these are the majority but come on .. there is always a brighter side ..
that romantic person who you assumed to be extinct , come on they are still there (not talking about myself but i know a few of them) ..
another thing .. as one of the commenters said that women have similar types as well , ofcourse not all of them but most of them..
from personal experience .. I met a stalker woman who really pissed me off with various things she did.
skipping this part .. i just wanna show a lot of respect for your article as it is all true ...
but I prefer describing it as Incomplete article...
Fantasia , a real article has to go through both halves of the glass , the empty half and the filled half , well i know it is not the half we are discussing here but even if there is one drop of water in the glass you should have pointed it out..


"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid" - Audre Lorde