Monday, May 28

Fantasia's DVD: Erin Brockovich

From my DVD selection I shall continue to recommend some movies which I believe to be inspiring. One of those movies which I love is Erin Brockovich. This movie got its fame when Julia Roberts won her Oscar for the role of Erin. I find Roberts' performance to be simply brilliant. Yet, my admiration for this movie is due to its excellent script and profound dialogue. Erin is a strong-headed single mom, who insists on having a job at a law firm and climbs her way to success while keeping her identity, which her boss doesn't admire. Erin won the respect of everybody through her dedication and hard work. She taught everyone never to judge a woman by her appearance, but by what she has to offer to the world. Erin's way of dressing was considering inappropriate at her workplace for being too revealing. She could have blushed in shame when he got negative comments about her outfit, or thought that the job she was desperate to get is more important than her freedom to choose her wardrobe. Amazingly though, she refused to change anything about herself. She believed in herself and her cause, refusing to give up or back down. She stood her ground and invested all her energy in fighting for what she believes to be right.
if you haven't yet seen this movie, you should; and if you already have, watch it again for a breeze of inspiration.
Now I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the movie :)
George: How many numbers you got?
Erin Brockovich: Oh, I got numbers comin' outta my ears. For instance: ten.
George: Ten?
Erin Brockovich: Yeah. That's how many months old my baby girl is.
George: You got a little girl?
Erin Brockovich: Yeah. Yeah, sexy, huh? How 'bout this for a number? Six. That's how old my other daughter is, eight is the age of my son, two is how many times I've been married - and divorced; sixteen is the number of dollars I have in my bank account. 850-3943. That's my phone number, and with all the numbers I gave you, I'm guessing zero is the number of times you're gonna call it.


Lost Love said...


it is really a very nice movie ..i remember julia when she won the oscar that nite.

as an actress she can convince you at any rule she is having.

and the movie as u said it is inspiring for every woman not to be afraid of wat she is...

and the whole world should accept her and respcet her above all.

اجندا حمرا said...

yeah i remember watching that movie
julia roberts was stunning in that movie
like lost love said she has the ability to do amost any character given to her with such reality u can feel she is not acting at all
what i loved about that movie is the message it gave like u said we shouldnt judge a woman by her appearance but what she has to offer the world
unfortunately in our society we tend to do this over and over again looking at appearance and judging women according to it then realizing we r wrong but after it is too late
yeah me too highly recommend this movie
thankx for th suggestiong and for the nice recommendation

Fantasia said...

lost love:

I believe everybody likes Julia Roberts, not only cause she is a wonderful actress, but cause her spirit shows in her work. I personally find her a very solid woman. She has made several wrong choices, but she was never afraid to admit her faults and to start anew. She chooses her roles carefully and she performs them with genius.

Fantasia said...

You are totally right. A woman in our society is always judged by appearance. Because she is not taken seriously as a person, people don't bother to get to know who she really is. They judge from the surface and impose their judgement as a law.
I find it very difficult nowadays to see a woman who is not veiled and still earns the due respect of her colleagues or in the street. Even those who claim to be open-minded will judge a single woman either as pitiful or careless. But a man is never judged in a similar way. He can stay single as long as he wants and be a well-known playboy, yet still nobody seems to care. Very sexist society!

Masria said...

أنا شفت الفيلم ده قبل كده مرتين,عجبني جدا,خصوصا إنها نجحت في الآخر,أكتر حاجة عجبتني شخصية ارين,بتدافع عن نفسها مهما حصل
بالنسبة للبس,أنا عارفه إن اللبس ده حرية شخصية,أنا كتبت بوست عن الشكل قبل كده,فعلا اللي احنا بنشوفه اول حاجة هو الشكل الخارجي و بناخد انطباع بس مش انطباع ثابت,الانطباع ده بيفضل لحد ما نتعامل مع اللي قدامنا
بالنسبة للراجل,أنا شخصيا باخد انطباع عنهم من شكلهم زي البنات بالضبط,و الانطباع ده برضه مش بيدوم,بيفضل لحد ما اتعامل معاهم
حاجة تانية أنا باحاول اعملها مؤخرا زي تدريب كده,إني ما احكمش على اي حد من شكله,لأن بمنتهى البساطة الحكاية دي اثبتت فشلها
شكرا على البوست الجامد,الحته الاخيرة اللي انت كتبتيها هى اكتر حته عاجباني في الفيلم

Fantasia said...

It is a nice movie and every time you watch it you happen to like it more.
I appreciate your frankness, admitting that you tend to judge people by appearance. Most of people do this, but as I said in my reply to Agenda's comment, I think women are subjected more to this false judgement. It is great that you've decided to give yourself time before you judge a person. I hope all people can see beyond outer appearances.

اجندا حمرا said...

u r right men always get what they want and people dont talk about them as much as they talk about women whether they r single,married or divorcee
a man can be a plaboy like u said and his family can encourage him look at a comparison beween a family who has two childern a guy and a girl
it's ok for the guy to get back at whatever time he wants but the girl is not allowed to do this or else she will be beaten and cursed
sure she is not allowed to hav a boyfriend but they guy can have a girlfriend and their family can be proud of him that he is a playboy
lots of things allowed for men and forbidden for women
that's why u see so many girls doin lots of things behind their parents back
it is not right but parents r the ones who should be blamed first for this attitude by their daughters
cause if they have been open minded enough that the girl can come to her father or mother and talk freely she wouldnt do anything behind their back simply because she will be like an open book and they will know about her everything ,they trust her so she knows she can do anything and everythig like her brother.

Fantasia said...

Dear agenda,
Parents cannot be expected to be open-minded in a narrow-minded society. If they do so, they will destroying their children. Their children will be strangers who are seen as odd ones who disrespect their traditions, bla bla bla.
The only key out of this dark box is to change a whole culture. Women could do this, being the victimized half and the raisers of new generations. If women are aware of the consequences of such upbringing, and if they are empowered to see how influencial they are in society, they will change and then a whole culture will follow. But the problem as usual is that women wait for the men to give directions. Men as we all know will never just give up all those free benefits for the sake of stupid ideals that we still believe in, like equality and justice... etc. We have to act.

اجندا حمرا said...

dear fantasia
what u r sayin is true..parents who r open minded in a narrow minded society r regarded as outcasts...and they usually draw lots of criticism from people around them.
the key i think lies in women...they shouldnt wait for men to give them orders to start living their lives
they shouldnt wait for a male to decide their lives for them
they should act on their own
they r strong and they can do almosteverything
men wont give up all those advantages the society r giving them for the sake of women
that's why women shouldnt depend on men to give them their own rights
they should grap them by themselves

Fantasia said...

That's my point. If you see what belongs to you, go get it. Don't wait for others to bring it to you on a silver plate! If a woman doesn't act for herself, who will?

اجندا حمرا said...

u r right...we cant wait for others to give us our rights
if we cant stand for ourselves,nobody will..cause it doesnt mean much to them as much as it means to us ourselves!!!

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid" - Audre Lorde