Monday, June 4

Men Out of the Jungle

The jungle is the ultimate male paradise. That's their perfect environment. They can't live away from the wild life of hunting, adventure and making use of their physical strength. That's what makes them feel satisfied and proud. That's where they can attain their maximum achievement and pleasure. Men just want to struggle with beasts and hunt them for food. A man needs to fight with another man over a beautiful woman to see who is more macho and deserves the prize! That's how their barbaric nature prevents them from enjoying civilized life, where a person is valued by his brain not his muscles! They just can't take it. I sometimes feel pity for those who can't accept the idea that jungle days are over. Now, they can't jump from tree to tree, or from woman to woman. They can't go out exercising their physical strength and coming home with the broken arrow of their opponent. They can't go hunting to prove their bravery and receive cheers from the hungry members of the family waiting for food. All the good old days of fun are over.

But men won't accept this fact. They still live in this myth that they are the savers of the world and the protectors of half its population, that is the weak helpless creatures called women. Oh, how will women survive without those strong fellows, with their solid bodies and loud roars which drive the enemies away? How can we just go about in life without a man by our side to protect us from harm?

They can't believe that we don't live in caves anymore. You can easily go to rent or buy an apartment with a solid door and reliable lock. There is a nice service called police to report the evil guys and have them put in jail. There is a civil society where people work in offices using what they learned and what their mental skills enable them to do. The best people in this society are the most successful and most creative, not the strongest or the bigger built! Hunting and wrestling became games for leisure and not a way to make a living! Women choose their partners according to rational and emotional reasons. They don't want you to hunt for them to enjoy your imaginary victory. If a woman chooses you, it's not out of your clever crafting and endless stalking, it's simply because that's her decision. She may allow you some time to perform all the games you learned in the jungle, just for her amusement and for satisfying your empty ego. She may then complete your myth by telling you all the things a caveman wants to hear: "You are my first love," "You are the best man in the world," "You are the only one who won my heart," ... bla bla bla.

Men complain cause women are not straightforward or cause they lie to them. Well, you live in an imaginary world and you refuse to get down to earth and live as a human. If a woman gets promoted at work, you go crazy. If a woman is brave enough to let you know that she is interested in you, your hunt is ruined and you leave her for a difficult chase (or what you want to think is a difficult chase). If a woman speaks her mind freely, you think she's easy and treat her with disrespect. If a woman says she doesn't need protection, you imagine her as the star of a porn movie.

I'm so sorry to see that men can't adapt to their new lives outside the jungle. But I also warn that we shouldn't deceive them by making them believe that jungle rules still control our lives today. Leading them on has had its disasterous effects on society as a whole. I know that they will have a psychological shock when they face the truth, that their only advantage (physical strength) is useless in today's world. A tiny gun can kill a thousand men. A woman can protect herself well enough without a bodyguard. And switching from one woman to another is called cheating in all the world's dictionaries. Sorry guys.. You'd better cope with it.


Eyad Harfoush said...

My comment was too long and needed images, find it on my blog, thank you

Egypt Rose said...

يومي كان مشحون على اخره و مليء بالعمل المجهد ذهنياً .. وبعد اجتماع مع مديري خرج منه بافكار لمديرته وجاء من هذا الاجتماع سعيد جداً بالافكار الذي طرحها وهي أفكاري في الاصل و انا كذلك سعيدة لانه تبني تلك الافكار .. قررت ان اجلس مع نفسي و القهوة و النت لخمس دقائق وفتحت موقعك الجميل الاكثر من رائع . ولن اصف لكي مدي السعادة التى منحتيني ايها وانا اقرأ هذا الموضوع وضحكة جداً و ضحك أكثر عندما قرأة تعليق اياد .. ان لكي ملكة يمكن استخدامها في الكتابة و يمكن ان تكتبي روايات فاسلوبك ساخر مثل جوجل و جي دي موبسيان .. روحك حلوة وافكارك متجددة ساخرة .. الجميل في الفكرة انها اوضحت لي سبب انهزام النساء في مصر لان الشعب المصري الحالي تحكمة قوانين الغابة لذلك لايزال الرجال في جلالة الشعور بالغابة و يقوم بحماية الكائن الاكثر ضعفاً مثل النساء والاطفال وهو يحافظ على استمرار الغابة ويدافع عنها بشدة حتى يتمكن من استمرار نفوذه مش ذي الرجل الغلبان الاجنبي الذي يحيا في امان واستقرار و تحضر في مجتمع محترم ينعم فيه الجميع بالحرية وفقد يا حرام سيطرته على الست بتاعته ..

The Alien said...

yes men wants to live in caves again but what women do about that? nothing. u just welcome it and do exactly what men want. u dress, work and even eat what men want. most women live their life waiting for a man to take care of them. what did women do about "el nekab"? ... they wear it!

i do want men to understand and get out of the caves but i also want women to grow up and live their life without depending and waiting for men.

Eyad Harfoush said...

Egypt Rose
ممكن أعرف ايه كان الجزء المضحك في تعليقي؟

broadwaybabe said...

hmmmmmm good logic my dear.

Egypt Rose said...

الجزء المضحك هو طرزان و اللرجال حالياً انا قصدي خرجتيني من مود الجد واضفتي الى يومي بسمة وسعادة وهذا دائماً ما تقومين به

الربان said...

What if many women like this image of men you have mentioned...?

Anyway, men and women is the big puzzle of life.


Fantasia said...

Left a long comment on your blog. Check it out.

Fantasia said...

egypt rose:
Your comment made my day. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Gogol and Maupassant 7eta wa7da? You gave me a great idea for a post that you will read here soon.

Also liked so much how you imagined an Egyptian man comapring himself to a Western man. This is truely how they think, as if all other men are gays and they are the ultimate model for manhood.

Would always love to read what you have to say about my posts dear. Glad that I could draw a smile on your face after such a day at work.

Fantasia said...

the alien:
Don't tell me what do u do about it.. uah aa.. What more can I do? Do you want me to hold a mic and go screaming in the street?
This is what I am telling women to do. I want them to be independent and stop waiting for a man to give their life a meaning. Their lives are full of meaning if they only believed in themselves.
I liked your last post so much. May be you can consider joining our club here.

Fantasia said...

Welcome and thanks for your comment. Wish to see you here often.

Fantasia said...

Welcome to Fantasia's World. The question you raised I've answered in the post. Women don't like this type of men, nobody does. They can pretend to like it, and that's what I am against. Women should stop seeking the approval of men by using any means, even if this deminishes their own personalities. Deceiving a man can make him like a woman, but will never make her happy with him. That's why I said that leading men on is putting a load on the whole society. Believe me, nobody wants to have a Tarzan at home.

اجندا حمرا said...

dear fantasia
the same problem dear,men and their wrong misunderstanding of women
men have this wrong idea about themselves that they r the saviour of women and that women cant get along in life without them and it is abnormal for a girl to stay without marriage and they start regarding this woman who doesnt want to get married as an alien and rumours may start gathering about her reputation
if men thought of us women as equals to them it will make life much easier
but the thing is like u said when a wife get promoted her husband gets jealous although it will be quite the opposite and quite normal to be happy for her that she achieved something in her life but men will always be like this want to be always successful and to lead their wives

Fantasia said...

Men misunderstand women because they don't care enough to understand them, they only want to control them, they think this is their role in life as men. Men can't see past their gender, they can't see the human being which may happen to take any sex, but will remain human.
But a man is raised to see only types of species: there is the man on top and then the woman and then the animal. This is a false view of life as a whole, not only of women. They destorted vision therefore prevents them from seeing reality and living in peace with themselves before sharing the planet with another sex.

اجندا حمرا said...

u r right men dont usually take the time to try to understand women
how to control women like u said is the only idea on any arabic man's mind even if some try to say they r open minded but once they r faced with a situation to prove such open mindness they prove otherwise
if they didnt change their wrong misinterpretation of how they r regarding women ,nothing will change and if those women who helps ignite men's ego didnt change their attitude ..nothing will change
we should learn to be independant
it is good to be in love with someone but to be in love with someone and me keeping my identity and she is keeping hers is a must ,love is not about controling the other party but it is about sharing the finest things in love together without trying to control each other

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid" - Audre Lorde